Here are Cirrus, we love a rewire and undertake many each year. We actually consider ourselves to be home rewire specialists!
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Rewiring is one of the most difficult maintenance tasks a homeowner can face. It is a major project with works carried out in every room. Your home’s electrical system is powered by cables usually buried in the walls. It’s recommended that these cables are replaced every 25/30 Years. The cables provide the power to your socket outlets, your lights and all other electrical items in your home, such as your cooker and boiler. Sub-standard and and wrongly installed electrics can result in fires, and electric shocks. Older cables can deteriorate, cables that in the past were thought to be safe, have since been proven to be unsafe and hazardous. We rewire your home to eliminate any potential problems and ensure everything is modern, safe and certificated.

What are the costs?

Costs of a rewire can vary depending on the specification you require. An average rewire that is finished in white plastic accessories (sockets/switches etc) usually cost around £2750+VAT for a 1/2 Bed house and the rule of thumb is usually between £500-700+VAT per extra bedroom. These prices are not fixed and there are things that you can help us with to help reduce the costs and save you money!

Is Rewiring a messy job?
Depending on the construction of your building this can vary. If you are having all the cables chased into the wall and plastered over then we will need to grind out the walls using our wall chaser which connects to a high powered dust extractor. Dust will still escape however it is no where near as bad as what it could be. We usually suggest that you are not present during the rewire to reduce the risk of you breathing in the dust. We will of course throughly clean the house upon completion of the rewire.

Do I need to move all my belongings?
Yes. Due to the amount of disruption, we will need you to box as much of you belongings up as possible and remove anything of value or is fragile. We do have storage available at our premises if required. In most instances, most people usually put everything into the centre of each room and we will cover everything with plastic sheeting and dust sheets.

Worried abut the costs?

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